Bed Bug Infestation-Career Realization

Blog #1

What I’ve been doing at SiriusXM the past year and two months has amounted to not a whole lot, except that I’m in fact one of those people that needs human interaction. As an introvert I never thought I would crave talking and being around other people as much as I do now that I’ve spent the last year in a cubicle. Starring at a computer and listening enviously to Howard Stern’s crew having a blast not 30 yards away from my desk has had an impact on my life and slowly chipped away at my ability to sit and wait around for something exciting to happen.

Cue to two months ago – bed bug infestation uncovered in my East Village Apartment building.

Cue to panic and scouring the internet for new places to live.

Prompt Street Easy/Naked Apartment K hole (k hole is lingo that is synonymous with “click hole”, which is the loss in sense of time/space while surfing the internet).

Cue to propelling myself into the world of manhattan real estate agencies – calling every realtor that listed a three bedroom apartment in all of manhattan (that a semi normal 25 year old can afford).

Kicker: I actually enjoyed these dealings with agents (from the helpful ones all the way to the scumbags and the horrifyingly unprepared)  – I enjoyed them so much that I realized I need to get out of my 9-5 cubicle job and become a manhattan real estate agent. SHIT is real.